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shati khatun
Jun 20, 2022
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for the authentic Tags trade strategy business read later favorites 0 Rafa Wax TOP CONSULTANT Senior management, marketing, management and innovation. Nominated for best management professor in the world by "The Economist" usa phone list Author Competitiveness between companies, especially in the commercial field, globalization, is giving rise to a phenomenon of homogenization in services and products and this makes the client less and less hesitant about the offer available to them, because what they offer It's very similar. They seek to compete by usa phone list what works (absolutely logical), but when everyone offers what works and it always works the same between different companies, they coincide in the offer and the client loses engagement with the brand because each time they are located in more similar values, in more similar products/services. Those of you who have been following me for some time will have read meor heard that the product or service is becoming more of an excuse, a necessary one, but an excuse in marketing. I continue to maintain this idea that the customer buys the package that surrounds the product or service (design, packaging, customer service, brand prestige, relationship with the brand, prescribers who recommend the product, etc...) and usa phone list the product is fly necessary excuse. That said, I believe that the high diversification of the clientele, of their tastes, habits, life usa phone list , etc... is giving rise to an increasingly interesting market for products that I call authentic. There is a commercial strategy that we call Long Tail, which usa phone list to serve "residual customers" (this sounds bad, but that's what we call it) for certain products and services. But nevertheless the market is being structured in such a way that what we traditionally call the generalized market or main market, that is to say where the great volume of demand is found, that is, what (almost) everyone wants. This market is made up of fewer and fewer customers, and yet more and more long-tail micro-markets are being created for people who are looking for something very specific, sometimes it is something out of print, old, original, natural or simply very authentic. I believe that with regard to these authentic products/services and knowing the possibilities that new usa phone list bring us, such as being able to sell anywhere in the world, there is honestly an important opportunity for all those manufacturers of authentic, traditional, limited-production usa phone list that simply For all its characteristics, globalized customers value it significantly when buying. Going back to the origin, to the product of years ago, was almost always a good commercial strategy that attracts many clients, vintage, hotels with natural charm, products made with traditional formulas, old recipes, etc… parties, etc…) that is marketed with the essence of how it has been done all our lives, because that has a transcendence in the taste, in the health, in the well-being of when you take it, but above all, it has an effect on the mind of the client who cares about these values, because it reports to a different time and that they understand better, that offers the authentic and traditional.
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shati khatun

shati khatun

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