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Tamanna Akter
Jun 20, 2022
In General Discussions
DOG HAIRDRESSING COURSE 7. COURSE IN CANINE PSYCHOLOGY ONLINE DOG HAIRDRESSING ASSISTANT: Dog Grooming Assistant Dog Grooming Assistant DOG HAIRDRESSING ASSISTANT: Dog Grooming Assistant Euroinnova Online Course Online course Approved course 1468980 COP 39% Business Email List Discount Total: 897710 COP Dog grooming techniques As with humans, the hair growth of our pets is conditioned by aspects such as nutrition, weather or even health status. It must be added to this that according to the different times of the year they can shed their fur, more specifically in the autumn and spring times, which is when they adapt to cold and heat, Business Email List respectively. Although there are certain breeds whose hair grows steadily throughout the year without shedding, the performance of the canine grooming professional is essential for these dogs . The barber or the canine hairdresser is in charge, not only of cutting the hair of the pets , but also carries out actions aimed at guaranteeing their hygiene Business Email List and health, in parallel to improving the comfort of the animal and its look throughout. year. Ready to succeed! types of dog hair The type of hair of our pet can condition the hairdressing techniques to be used, so it should be classified when starting to make the cut : Coverage hair: it is characterized by being thick and abundant. Wooly hair: with a fine thickness and more elasticity. Touch hair: long and thick 6 dog grooming techniques People who Business Email List have a pet add to the veterinary care or offer them toys for their entertainment, a concern for their aesthetics and to maintain their fur. What used to be limited only to those pets that competed in beauty contests, now extends to the dogs of any person with no intention of winning any canine beauty contest. Consequently, canine beauty services are increasingly in demand, which has triggered the demand for professionals who are capable not only of Business Email List cutting the fur of pets , but also of using the most avant-garde techniques to make them look radiant. Among them, the Business Email List following stand out. stripping Applicable to breeds such as bulldogs or fox terriers with hard hair that grows in a compressed way, this technique consists of creating a kind of shell with which to prevent dead hair from falling out, thus avoiding the birth of parasites or mites.
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Tamanna Akter

Tamanna Akter

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